Without Water – We are Nothing… Get It?

I understand how easy it is to want to disconnect, to stay distracted and caught up in our own lives so that the issues going on around us don’t seem like they exist… Unfortunately these issues are closer to home than any of us want to believe. With our bodies being composed of around 60% water – the water rights issues popping up all over the country shake most of us down to our cores, even if we don’t want to pay attention to what is going on. These issues involved ALL living creatures, and yes – that includes you. If we don’t step up and take action now – we may not have enough clean water for OUR generation to survive, let alone the generations to come. Do we really want to wait until we are desperate for water to do something? No! I hope this gets your attention.

The Water Is Life Movement that is beginning to take rise will be bigger than the movement in the 60’s or any prior. Not only are these oil corporations threatening our civil rights, they are also looking to destroy the very substance that makes our lives possible! What they fail to see behind that big green dollar sign that blinds them is that all the money in the World doesn’t mean anything if there isn’t any water on this planet for us OR THEM to drink.

I understand with the current state of our economy that oil is what makes the country go around, but that does NOT mean it is the only option. WE CAN still have a thriving economy and work towards eliminating big oil from controlling our lives and destroying our planet. The only problem is this goes completely against big oils agenda and all the profits they hope to make by creating these pipelines to carry our “valuable” oil to the coast to be exported. If we are running so low on oil why in the World are we building unsafe pipelines to transport it out of the country???

All because of this “$$$$$” – which in the end, means nothing! I wonder what the top 1% plans to do with all their money once the rest of the human race is extinct, all the water is polluted and there’s no more food to eat?

Our water sources have been slowly disappearing all over the World and now people are finally ready to step up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Thousands of animal species go extinct each year! This is primarily due to climate changes and the encroachment of humans on their valuable land. Seems rather fitting that the same thing would eventually happen to us! Evolved or not – we are still animals on this planet we call home and very susceptible to extinction. Is ignorance truly bliss when it could mean the destruction of life as we know it?

Just like all of the species before us, we will one day be extinct. But do we want to go down in history as the only species who systemically killed themselves?! I don’t think so. If we choose to change our ways and stand up for what is right – we can hopefully prolong the inevitable. Although the top 1% has lots of money, control and power… WE THE PEOPLE have strength in numbers.

This strength in numbers is amplified by our undeniable connection to each other and the Earth Mother. This connection is what will continue to bring us together, as brothers and sisters, and as one. It’s time to break down these barriers that divide us, just as our new president tries to build a wall between Mexico and the US and ban Muslims from our country. They are going to do everything in their power to try and continue to turn us against each other, but we will stand strong. 2017 is going to be a year of huge change and it’s our turn to stand up for our valuable resources.

We need to take more time to stop seeing with our eyes and start seeing with our hearts. What does all this feel like from the heart? Does the different between our skin and place of birth really matter or does the connection between all living things matter more?

Well – either way… No matter how you look at it or what it feels like, the fact still stays the same. Without water, life on this planet will cease to exist. And yes – that means our lives as well. I urge you to become informed, get involved… And please, don’t believe everything the mainstream media tells you. They are PAID to tell you what the top 1% begs you to believe. Open your eyes, but better yet… Open your heart – what is it telling you?

In these moments of chaos – we must remain peaceful. If we act out in anger – they win. If we act out in fear – they win. We must choose love and peace above all else to see us through. We must take action, but we must not fight. We HAVE to set aside our differences in order to THRIVE. I mean face it, WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT! Let us work to accept these things we cannot change and work towards the things we can – AS ONE!



Finding a Balance Between Silence and Chaos

When you’re used to a loud, chaotic, and rushed World – shear silence can be intimidating. I crave to be outdoors, away from the city, listening to the wind in the tree’s and the water rushing over the rocks down stream; I can’t pinpoint exactly how I feel after this last weeks experience.

Joseph and I were lucky enough to know some amazing people with a 3 acre plot up in the hills; and by up in the hills I mean 9,900ft, high up in the Rocky Mountains. We are so blessed to have this spot during our “transition” period and can’t express our gratitude. We may have base camp, but its a whole other World up there! Where do I begin…

When I talk about about living sustainability, going off-grid, and escaping the city life – I get overjoyed and enthralled, excited to escape the norm. I’ve been talking about it for a few years, and now that its happening, every bone in my body shakes and my nerves try to take over – trying to turn me in the other direction. Yeah right, I’ve come this far right?

I realize that these feelings are normal; change is inevitable, and if it doesn’t challenge you… Well, where is the fun in that?

After staying in the RV for a week up in the mountains, we realized we still have a TON of learning to do. Each step in this process is going to present new challenges, challenges that we WILL overcome. Entering into the silence the high country provides allows your mind to settle down and really think things through. Joseph and I had some awesome discussions, trying to figure out the next best step and how to conquer it…

Silence is intimidating because it allows our minds to slow down and realize that utter chaos is not our normal way of “being.” With silence around us – we have time to look inside; which is exactly what the people of the World need… To look inside themselves  and dig deep in order to “fix” this holographic image we all “see” in our minds. We have to create the peace we want for everyone else inside ourselves. Your vibration emanates from you and mixes and mingles with every other vibration in the universe; changing the frequency we all live in. Don’t believe me? That’s ok, its not time yet.

We also spent sometime simply enjoying the silence of the woods, trying to find peace within ourselves; searching for our souls and the wisdom held within. We found it hard almost, to be in such a quiet spot for so long. When your brain and body finally have time to relax, its almost as if it fights it. All this crazy stimulation is addicting, and when you take it all away – it can leave you feeling lost. Lost because we had spent most of our lives trying to be someone we simply aren’t, and now we have the chance to be free – be us… Whoever we want to be. Everyday we take a step closer to finding our higher purpose, our place in this wacky and beautiful universe.

As a society, we have tons of work to do… We have to break down these walls that have been built up for generations, we have to break the old paradigm and begin a new; let’s move away from fear, and into trust. Let’s trust that the universe has a plan, and that everything that is happening right now is OUR OWN DOING – because our past generations have chosen to live in fear. Everything starts inside of us – and as soon as you start believing that… The sooner you move from fear and into trust…. Trust that it will all work out exactly as it is supposed too.

Balance and an open mind are key to success in this ever changing World. Let’s work to find balance in every part of our lives… Starting inside: our mind, our body, and our soul. Balance inside creates balance outside – and thats the way the cookie crumbles.

With love and light,

~ Tasha



Searching For Love – Are You?

I’m searching for Love… And not the romantic kind of love that more than likely pops into your mind, but timeless, endless, unconditional LOVE. This love is found throughout the whole universe, which means it can also be found deep within ourselves.

Sometimes though, this universal love is forgotten; buried under mounds of self-hate, self-discrimination, and self-destructive behaviors, thoughts, and patterns. These ways of thinking generally start as we mature into our teen years and sometimes even sooner. We begin judging ourselves based on ideals and stigmas put on us by societal and social influences. Young girls never feel like they are pretty enough, skinny enough, or good enough. Young boys learn that “boys don’t cry” and that being the “macho” man is what is important.

Most of us spent our entire developmental years trying to be someone we were not and in doing so – lost sight of who we really were. We were all born different, so why are they constantly trying to make us be the same? Why are we constantly trying to be this person we are “supposed” to be, when everything we need is already inside of us? Its because in the every day rat race to fit in and be the best, we’ve lost sight of what truly matters.

What REALLY matters in this life is embracing who YOU actually are. Loving yourself for everything good, bad, and in between. Love and happiness can sometimes be found by following suite and trying to be someone you are not; but its so much easier to truly love and find happiness when you find it within yourself first.

Stop searching for love in all the wrong places. Look inside yourself and ask – what do I love to do? How could I contribute to the greater good?

And thats another thing we have lost sight of. We’ve become so focus on OUR OWN success, wealth, and power – we’ve forgotten that we all once lived in villages, and tribes, and worked TOGETHER for the greater good for the community; not strictly for ourselves and our immediate family. Societal top-down structure and hierarchy creates a system so focused on money and working long hours that we don’t have TIME to contribute to our community. Most people spend 40 plus hours a week working jobs they hate just to get by… Just to get by and have all these expensive toys and houses. IS THAT REALLY WHAT MATTERS PEOPLE? While you waste your life away working and watching mind numbing TV, there are people just squeaking by who have to dig through the trash for their next meal. Wouldn’t it feel good to let go of some of your expensive, useless stuff to feed the less fortunate? Or work less hours a week so you could grow some food in your backyard for yourself and your neighbors?

We need to get out of the rat race, and look deep inside. How can you move away from being a consumer (which will CONSUME your life) and learn to be more of a creator. How can you give back to your community? Instead of living inside your huge house and making a huge bubble around yourself that says “keep out.” Let’s reconnect with our inner selves, and our outer selves (i.e. the community and people we choose to be around.)

I feel so blessed to have woken up. I used to think money, power, and expensive things were going to make me happy. The more I went in that direction though, the unhappier I felt; and eventually I said ENOUGH. I was not going to be another cow in the herd, working 9-5 with an illusion of freedom and happiness. I wanted true happiness, true love, and a REAL life.

And ever since I made that decision life has done nothing but go UP… Up and Up! I’m finding ways to be creative, to make enough money to live comfortably, and to downsize…. Downsizing everything! Moving into an RV showed me how little I really needed. It showed me that I didn’t HAVE to spend my days working a dead end job just to pay rent and live. Rent that goes to someone I don’t even know to pay off their bills. LMAO, what a joke!

And I’m sorry if you take offense to any of this; because its not directed at any one person or another… I’m just laying it out – why and how my life has changed so drastically… Because one day I chose to begin thinking for MYSELF. I chose to LOVE myself, and to respect myself… And to take charge of my life.

Will you continue to be a puppet in the never ending societal mind game, or will you chose to look outside of the box and become the person you REALLY are? It really is up to you, so stop blaming the outside World – because believe it or not everything you think and do is a reflection of whats going on inside of you.

I was lucky, I changed my World before I got to deep in the dirt… But even if you find yourself buried miles down in the system – you can make the choice today to take tiny steps UP. How can you weed out the excess? Where else can you see yourself, happy and free?

I see myself, Joseph, and our two fur kids on a journey towards property… Our own little piece of heaven – where we plan to build a life together. A simple life – but a life full of abundance. Lots of land and a tiny home may not be everyones dream, but its ours… And the more we turn our thoughts, our actions, and our lives towards it – the quicker it becomes a reality!

Choose to take your life back – and see how much love begins flowing in and out of your heart 🙂

❤ Tasha ❤

The Time Is NOW! Will You Join The Movement?

It all seems so surreal. Less than a year ago I was stuck in the daily grind, waiting tables just to pay the bills and spending way to much time distracting myself with substances, people, and mindless activities. I did however make a little time here and there to begin exploring my creative side by making soaps, hooping, painting, and gardening. I contribute this to living with some very creative souls, whom I thank for inspiring me to explore a side I didn’t think I had.

As I traveled through the newly discovered right side of my brain, new neuron pathways began to fire and spark a magical journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. I quickly found out that I wasn’t ever going to be the 9-5er and that the universe had something more extravagant and exciting planned.

This exploration of the unknown has created more abundance, love, and happiness within my life than I ever thought possible. Money, power, and working for the man would have never created happiness and fulfillment in my life like it does for many. As I seek out more answers from the universe, it continues to surprise me at every twist and turn. Within the past year my World views have changed drastically, mostly because I have also done a 360 inside myself. I’ve moved away from the poisons of society, spending each day working towards better health, a more sustainable future, and a life lived in harmony with the Earth.

Just a year ago I didn’t think my life would be going in the direction it is now, but the universe has a plan. I met am amazing man who has the same goals and ambitions as me, and together we will create a life in harmony with the Earth. In order to change the future of our species – we have to begin somewhere.

In a little less than a month, Joseph and I will be posting his house for sale and moving full-time together into the RV. Automatically downsizing from his big house in the suburbs and into the motorhome, lessening our impact on the environment. Not only that, but cutting our expenses down to the bare minimals. Next, our plan is to find a piece of land and build a completely self-sustainable tiny house homestead. We are researching different methods of solar, wind, and water power which we plan to incorporate into our next house; along with growing all our own food. They are big plans, but we are ready. Baby steps, faith and trust in the universe will eventually get us where we need to be.

We are also working on being creators, not consumers – because consumerism will do exactly that… CONSUME your time, money, and your life. Look inside yourself, are you happy? Do you care about the Earth? Or are you drowning in a pile of work and misery, polluting your body and the planet at the same time? Do you even know what you enjoy doing anymore?

I am beyond thrilled for all the trials and tribulations of the future and all the exciting adventures that are about to begin. Please follow our blog and look deep inside yourself, are you happy? Do you want to live your life as a robot or take control of it? It all starts with YOU.

With Love and Light,

Tasha ❤



Poem: Of Imagination <3

I’m venturing on this journey called life,

don’t know which way to go,

and I’m not sure whats right.

Write between the lines,

and perceive the unknown,

look for what lies beneath,

and the truth shall be shown.

Seen as an image,

a colorful ray of light,

a mind altering substance,

that can be so hard to define.

The definition of a life worth living,

can seep between the cracks,

a journey without some bumps or bruises,

gives you no reason to look back.

Back and to the future,

and to whatever tomorrow shall bring,

a million voices echo to you,

and your ears begin to ring.

Ring the bell,

and class is in session,

from the very day your born,

life ain’t nothin’ but a lesson.

A true test of survival,

for your mind, body, and soul,

whoever knew such a sort life,

could take such a toll.

A toll on yourself,

and the World around you,

for we only have so long,

let happiness surround you.

Your journey is one of passion,

let it pulse through your veins,

while dreams keep it flowing,

into a never ending seam.

Of imagination,

when no matter what you choose,

nothing really matters,

we’ve got nothin’ to loose.

— Tasha ❤

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Comtemplating the Ego

Balance is the key to unlocking all the greatness contained in this fantasy we call Life. This life offered to us by the Great Spirit with tremendous care and undying love. This type of love lives within our mind, body, and souls. I like to think of love as a vibration within the universe. Love is the vibration of nature, of spirit, and of everything. This pure, unconditional love is with us from our first breath until our last. Love, being universal and pure, is easily tampered with by fruitless use of power, selfishness and control; all of these elements stemming from the human EGO.

*EGO – Defined as the “I” or self of any person. In psychological terms, the ego is the part of the psyche that experiences the outside world and reacts to it, coming between the primitive drives of the id and the demands of the social environment, represented by the superego.

*SUPEREGO: The superego is the ethical component of the personality and provides the moral standards by which the ego operates. The superego’s criticisms, prohibitions, and inhibitions form a person’s conscience, and its positive aspirations and ideals represent one’s idealized self-image, or “ego ideal.”

As I journey down this spiritual path – I question the EGO and its purpose, because in the universe, there are no mistakes. EGO is a part of who we are as human beings for many reasons and can be chosen to be used in a positive or negative way. In the Western World there are countless battles of power and control. These elements of life taught as the ways of happy and successful people. How many wealthy CEO’s do you think are genuinely happy with the way they live their lives? I suspect not many.

This use of EGO can lead people down a long and bumpy path. Given chances – as always – to return to a place of love but often driven to the edge of the cliff and into the canyon below. This canyon represents the material lifestyle, the lifestyle stuck in EGO – taught by a corrupt society with unacceptable intentions.

When thinking about society, a song by Green Day called American Idiot always pops into my head. Some of the lyrics stating: “One nation controlled by the media.” Put your EGO aside for a second and don’t take offense; instead take a step back and think, “are their words true?”

Television, magazines, newspapers, the internet, and most other forms of media are used as tools to manipulate the way the general population thinks and what they are exposed to on a daily basis. What we value as a society is heavily influenced by the outside World and boy – do they have it down to a science.

Think back to the definition of Superego – represents ones idealized self-image or “ego ideal.” Starting as young teenagers or even sooner, our self-image is being criticized and constantly manipulated – causing us to forget who we are to “fit in” and “be cool.” Really? Is that what our kids should value? Until we learn to love who we are and teach that to younger generations, everyone will be setup and stuck in the destructive cycle of trying to be someone we are not for all the wrong reasons.

Right now is the time for everyone to take multiple steps backwards and look at ourselves introspectively. Are we doing the things we do out of love? Or are our days spent in EGO fighting for more money, more things, and more control? Are we being ourselves, or trying to be someone we are not? Where’s the balance between it all? That can create an ever impending harmonious life with each other and the Earth Mother? As I’ve said before, its your choice – and yours alone.

We all need to continue to look “outside the box,” understanding that we should never believe everything we see or feel. You have to look past what is shown to you in order to find the truth – especially in today’s fight against overwhelming amounts of power, control, and mis-information. Are the things you value on a daily basis things you ACTUALLY value? Or what you have been told to value? Hmmm….

I do want to mention that most of my posts are heavy on one side of the spectrum – but mostly to get the points across that are needed and with hope that they challenge your beliefs and make you ask questions. I do believe there are people out there who live their life valuing control and power most who are legitimately happy, I’ve just learned to find more happiness and value in spirituality. Spirituality is easier without control and power and creates harmony within ourselves. Being ourselves allows us to truly love who we are, no matter who that is.

Balancing ourselves between the faces of positive and negative forces is forever a part of our human experience. The ability to take a couple steps back and glance at ourselves introspectively is key to noticing whether our words, actions or thoughts contain EGO, or love. Using EGO in conjunction with unconditional love creates forward momentum. How you use this momentum will determine how you experience life.

With love and light,

Tasha ❤

Easy Ways To Live A Happier Life

City life has almost become the “norm” in the 20th century. The sound of sirens waking you up in the early morning, planes and trains and cars creating constant noise and commotion; even our homes aren’t an escape from all of the craziness out there anymore. Even if you can escape the constant annoying noise of busy city life – more than likely your still surrounded by noise you may not think about in your home. Whether its the high pitched buzz of the TV, the microwaves from the kitchen or the electromagnetic frequencies coming from your cells phone and other devices, our bodies and brains are under CONSTANT stimulation.

No wonder when we lay down to try and get some sleep its hard for us to crash, even when we’ve spent the whole day working hard and are physically and mentally drained. Drained so far that we spend no time doing things for ourselves. A lot of society today spends so much time working and being over stimulated by city life, technology and everything else around us that when it comes time to take care of ourselves, they don’t even know what that means anymore.

In order to create a life where we feel happy, accomplished, fulfilled and content – we need to spend time working on ourselves. Spending every waking moment making money to buy the next expensive thing WILL NOT.. I repeat, WILL NOT make you happy. These “materialistic” items create short lived happiness and leave people wondering, “Hum, I have all these awesome things and still I feel depressed. What is happiness?”

This is because happiness is found WITHIN ourselves. Its found OUT in nature away from all the noise and stimulation. Its found WITHIN our hearts, and our hearts are best filled with love, beauty, and the astounding natural world around us.

Here’s a small list of things I do to help keep me sane in a world that drives most of us insane. Doing even just ONE of these things a day can help our minds relax and recharge… Stress, pain, depression, and all the other disease in the world can melt away – if even for a moment.

  1. Get OUTSIDE – Whether it’s on your apartment balcony, in your backyard, or taking a walk with the dog around the block; nature is the best medicine around. Although stepping outside for a few minutes is more beneficial then sitting inside watching TV all day, I suggest taking it a step further. Find a favorite hiking trail and visit it frequently, or a park close by where you can sit on a bench and listen to the birds fly by. Drive up into the hills away from all the noise and read a book in silence, where only the wind blows and the trees sing. Feel the sun on your face and the breeze through your hair; sending all your stress away with the wind. I suggest 20+ minutes of this at least 4 times a week… If not everyday. Trust me, its worth it.
  2. Turn OFF your phone – Cell phones and laptops and most other electronics emit electromagnetic frequencies; and although we can’t see or hear them on a daily basis they have a major effect on each and every cell in our body. Ever wonder why when you go to bed theres a constant buzzing or humming in your ear? You may have tinnitus or you may have gone to an awesome concert that night, but if not.. Why is there still a buzzing? Its because our brain and bodies FEEL these frequencies 24-7 and it creates a constant stimulation. So – spend some time in the quite. Turn off the TV and phone and laptops for an hour and read a book, do some yoga, or even just sit there and think. You would be amazing how much more clear your thoughts are when there are less frequencies flying through the air. Heck, I would even say after 7 or 8 pm, turn them all of completely and let your mind begin to wind down; stop spending hours on Facebook before you sleep… This helps your brain never get a restful nights sleep.
  3. Eat ACTUAL food – This goes back to the age old saying “You are what you eat.” And if you don’t believe it yet, you will one day. Do your best to eat a healthy breakfast and start your day off right with a glass of lemon water and some organic green tea. Spend 10-15 minutes in the morning preparing some organic eggs, avocado, tomatoes with lots of spices loaded on top and notice how great you feel compared to that Mcdonald’s Sausage egg toxin combo. Don’t have time? BULLSHIT. Stop spending 3 hours on hair and makeup and EAT, relax, and ease into your morning. The Mcdonald’s drive through line will take 10 minutes pretty easily anyways, so why not do it at home and save yourself a couple bucks. Eating right is essential to our bodies, without nutrients we become deficient, depressed and diseased… Sounds fun right?
  4. Give Gratitude and not HATE – When you find more time to slow down during the day, its easier to appreciate the smaller things in life like a delicious and nutritious breakfast. When you actually get a restful nights sleep its easier to wake up with a smile on your face and think, “yay! Another day!” Try to approach everything with an appreciative mindset, and life gets THAT much better. Be thankful for the kind person who lets you merge into traffic and forget the asshole who cuts you off. Send them with love and light and be thankful you aren’t feeding into that energy. When you spend your day smiling instead of grumbling about everything you feel happy and more content. YOU are in control of your life… If your not spending everyday doing something that makes you smile, CHANGE IT and APPRECIATE IT… Love is everything – and if you aren’t spending your days in love… Well, you just don’t get it yet then.
  5. Love is ALL – so spend each and every moment of everyday loving yourself, your life, others around you, and this wonderful experience that we are lucky enough to have. There was such a small chance of you being born, but you were – most likely because of love. If the world learned to live in love instead of greed and hate, there would be no wars or hunger and many other world problems would be solved.. If more people lived in LOVE.

These are 5 simple principles to add into your daily life to make it THAT much better. Other things to do are learn something new, use your creative side, smile at a frowning person, do a cartwheel or be silly and LAUGH….

If you find yourself in a position where these things seem hard or out of reach… CHANGE YOUR POSITION. Only YOU are responsible for your life… So what do you chose? A life of stress and depression and sickness… Or a life of fulfillment, love, and true happiness?

What do YOU choose?