Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother non-profit offers a means of building a better World, one in where people live harmoniously and sustainably on this planet we call home. When everyone is connected to the Earth, its creatures and each other – we can build a better garden for our future and the generations to come.

Our current efforts are being focused on the Water Is Life Movement spreading across the country. Right now our founders Jim and Sue Graywolf Petruzzi are traveling down to Florida to join the camps protesting the Sable Trail Pipeline. Their journey down there brings upon many things. They will be collecting data, intel, and interviews for the documentary Sanctuaries is working on as well as for social media. As with Standing Rock we will continue our media coverage efforts in Florida; if mainstream media won’t cover it, we will! Along with documenting and creating media coverage, Jim and Sue will be doing healing programs as well as supporting the camps in whatever way possible – just like they did for Standing Rock.

We need your help to continue this work! This is not a solitary mission – it is a mission for all gods creatures. Not everyone can drop their lives to be on the front lines, but most of us can afford to donate to the cause. We cannot let this momentum cease with Standing Rock – it is vital to the survival of our species that we continue to bring this information to the forefront. We have taken it upon ourselves to BE the media! To report and provide the information needed to stop this evil before it completely destroys our planet.

Thank you for your support! Click HERE to Donate NOW!

Let us protect and preserve our clean water resources for all of gods creatures – starting today!

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