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Without Water – We are Nothing… Get It?

I understand how easy it is to want to disconnect, to stay distracted and caught up in our own lives so that the issues going on around us don’t seem like they exist… Unfortunately these issues are closer to home than any of us want to believe. With our bodies being composed of around 60% water – the water rights issues popping up all over the country shake most of us down to our cores, even if we don’t want to pay attention to what is going on. These issues involved ALL living creatures, and yes – that includes you. If we don’t step up and take action now – we may not have enough clean water for OUR generation to survive, let alone the generations to come. Do we really want to wait until we are desperate for water to do something? No! I hope this gets your attention.

The Water Is Life Movement that is beginning to take rise will be bigger than the movement in the 60’s or any prior. Not only are these oil corporations threatening our civil rights, they are also looking to destroy the very substance that makes our lives possible! What they fail to see behind that big green dollar sign that blinds them is that all the money in the World doesn’t mean anything if there isn’t any water on this planet for us OR THEM to drink.

I understand with the current state of our economy that oil is what makes the country go around, but that does NOT mean it is the only option. WE CAN still have a thriving economy and work towards eliminating big oil from controlling our lives and destroying our planet. The only problem is this goes completely against big oils agenda and all the profits they hope to make by creating these pipelines to carry our “valuable” oil to the coast to be exported. If we are running so low on oil why in the World are we building unsafe pipelines to transport it out of the country???

All because of this “$$$$$” – which in the end, means nothing! I wonder what the top 1% plans to do with all their money once the rest of the human race is extinct, all the water is polluted and there’s no more food to eat?

Our water sources have been slowly disappearing all over the World and now people are finally ready to step up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Thousands of animal species go extinct each year! This is primarily due to climate changes and the encroachment of humans on their valuable land. Seems rather fitting that the same thing would eventually happen to us! Evolved or not – we are still animals on this planet we call home and very susceptible to extinction. Is ignorance truly bliss when it could mean the destruction of life as we know it?

Just like all of the species before us, we will one day be extinct. But do we want to go down in history as the only species who systemically killed themselves?! I don’t think so. If we choose to change our ways and stand up for what is right – we can hopefully prolong the inevitable. Although the top 1% has lots of money, control and power… WE THE PEOPLE have strength in numbers.

This strength in numbers is amplified by our undeniable connection to each other and the Earth Mother. This connection is what will continue to bring us together, as brothers and sisters, and as one. It’s time to break down these barriers that divide us, just as our new president tries to build a wall between Mexico and the US and ban Muslims from our country. They are going to do everything in their power to try and continue to turn us against each other, but we will stand strong. 2017 is going to be a year of huge change and it’s our turn to stand up for our valuable resources.

We need to take more time to stop seeing with our eyes and start seeing with our hearts. What does all this feel like from the heart? Does the different between our skin and place of birth really matter or does the connection between all living things matter more?

Well – either way… No matter how you look at it or what it feels like, the fact still stays the same. Without water, life on this planet will cease to exist. And yes – that means our lives as well. I urge you to become informed, get involved… And please, don’t believe everything the mainstream media tells you. They are PAID to tell you what the top 1% begs you to believe. Open your eyes, but better yet… Open your heart – what is it telling you?

In these moments of chaos – we must remain peaceful. If we act out in anger – they win. If we act out in fear – they win. We must choose love and peace above all else to see us through. We must take action, but we must not fight. We HAVE to set aside our differences in order to THRIVE. I mean face it, WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT! Let us work to accept these things we cannot change and work towards the things we can – AS ONE!