Monthly Archives: July 2016

Finding a Balance Between Silence and Chaos

When you’re used to a loud, chaotic, and rushed World – shear silence can be intimidating. I crave to be outdoors, away from the city, listening to the wind in the tree’s and the water rushing over the rocks down stream; I can’t pinpoint exactly how I feel after this last weeks experience.

Joseph and I were lucky enough to know some amazing people with a 3 acre plot up in the hills; and by up in the hills I mean 9,900ft, high up in the Rocky Mountains. We are so blessed to have this spot during our “transition” period and can’t express our gratitude. We may have base camp, but its a whole other World up there! Where do I begin…

When I talk about about living sustainability, going off-grid, and escaping the city life – I get overjoyed and enthralled, excited to escape the norm. I’ve been talking about it for a few years, and now that its happening, every bone in my body shakes and my nerves try to take over – trying to turn me in the other direction. Yeah right, I’ve come this far right?

I realize that these feelings are normal; change is inevitable, and if it doesn’t challenge you… Well, where is the fun in that?

After staying in the RV for a week up in the mountains, we realized we still have a TON of learning to do. Each step in this process is going to present new challenges, challenges that we WILL overcome. Entering into the silence the high country provides allows your mind to settle down and really think things through. Joseph and I had some awesome discussions, trying to figure out the next best step and how to conquer it…

Silence is intimidating because it allows our minds to slow down and realize that utter chaos is not our normal way of “being.” With silence around us – we have time to look inside; which is exactly what the people of the World need… To look inside themselves  and dig deep in order to “fix” this holographic image we all “see” in our minds. We have to create the peace we want for everyone else inside ourselves. Your vibration emanates from you and mixes and mingles with every other vibration in the universe; changing the frequency we all live in. Don’t believe me? That’s ok, its not time yet.

We also spent sometime simply enjoying the silence of the woods, trying to find peace within ourselves; searching for our souls and the wisdom held within. We found it hard almost, to be in such a quiet spot for so long. When your brain and body finally have time to relax, its almost as if it fights it. All this crazy stimulation is addicting, and when you take it all away – it can leave you feeling lost. Lost because we had spent most of our lives trying to be someone we simply aren’t, and now we have the chance to be free – be us… Whoever we want to be. Everyday we take a step closer to finding our higher purpose, our place in this wacky and beautiful universe.

As a society, we have tons of work to do… We have to break down these walls that have been built up for generations, we have to break the old paradigm and begin a new; let’s move away from fear, and into trust. Let’s trust that the universe has a plan, and that everything that is happening right now is OUR OWN DOING – because our past generations have chosen to live in fear. Everything starts inside of us – and as soon as you start believing that… The sooner you move from fear and into trust…. Trust that it will all work out exactly as it is supposed too.

Balance and an open mind are key to success in this ever changing World. Let’s work to find balance in every part of our lives… Starting inside: our mind, our body, and our soul. Balance inside creates balance outside – and thats the way the cookie crumbles.

With love and light,

~ Tasha