Searching For Love – Are You?

I’m searching for Love… And not the romantic kind of love that more than likely pops into your mind, but timeless, endless, unconditional LOVE. This love is found throughout the whole universe, which means it can also be found deep within ourselves.

Sometimes though, this universal love is forgotten; buried under mounds of self-hate, self-discrimination, and self-destructive behaviors, thoughts, and patterns. These ways of thinking generally start as we mature into our teen years and sometimes even sooner. We begin judging ourselves based on ideals and stigmas put on us by societal and social influences. Young girls never feel like they are pretty enough, skinny enough, or good enough. Young boys learn that “boys don’t cry” and that being the “macho” man is what is important.

Most of us spent our entire developmental years trying to be someone we were not and in doing so – lost sight of who we really were. We were all born different, so why are they constantly trying to make us be the same? Why are we constantly trying to be this person we are “supposed” to be, when everything we need is already inside of us? Its because in the every day rat race to fit in and be the best, we’ve lost sight of what truly matters.

What REALLY matters in this life is embracing who YOU actually are. Loving yourself for everything good, bad, and in between. Love and happiness can sometimes be found by following suite and trying to be someone you are not; but its so much easier to truly love and find happiness when you find it within yourself first.

Stop searching for love in all the wrong places. Look inside yourself and ask – what do I love to do? How could I contribute to the greater good?

And thats another thing we have lost sight of. We’ve become so focus on OUR OWN success, wealth, and power – we’ve forgotten that we all once lived in villages, and tribes, and worked TOGETHER for the greater good for the community; not strictly for ourselves and our immediate family. Societal top-down structure and hierarchy creates a system so focused on money and working long hours that we don’t have TIME to contribute to our community. Most people spend 40 plus hours a week working jobs they hate just to get by… Just to get by and have all these expensive toys and houses. IS THAT REALLY WHAT MATTERS PEOPLE? While you waste your life away working and watching mind numbing TV, there are people just squeaking by who have to dig through the trash for their next meal. Wouldn’t it feel good to let go of some of your expensive, useless stuff to feed the less fortunate? Or work less hours a week so you could grow some food in your backyard for yourself and your neighbors?

We need to get out of the rat race, and look deep inside. How can you move away from being a consumer (which will CONSUME your life) and learn to be more of a creator. How can you give back to your community? Instead of living inside your huge house and making a huge bubble around yourself that says “keep out.” Let’s reconnect with our inner selves, and our outer selves (i.e. the community and people we choose to be around.)

I feel so blessed to have woken up. I used to think money, power, and expensive things were going to make me happy. The more I went in that direction though, the unhappier I felt; and eventually I said ENOUGH. I was not going to be another cow in the herd, working 9-5 with an illusion of freedom and happiness. I wanted true happiness, true love, and a REAL life.

And ever since I made that decision life has done nothing but go UP… Up and Up! I’m finding ways to be creative, to make enough money to live comfortably, and to downsize…. Downsizing everything! Moving into an RV showed me how little I really needed. It showed me that I didn’t HAVE to spend my days working a dead end job just to pay rent and live. Rent that goes to someone I don’t even know to pay off their bills. LMAO, what a joke!

And I’m sorry if you take offense to any of this; because its not directed at any one person or another… I’m just laying it out – why and how my life has changed so drastically… Because one day I chose to begin thinking for MYSELF. I chose to LOVE myself, and to respect myself… And to take charge of my life.

Will you continue to be a puppet in the never ending societal mind game, or will you chose to look outside of the box and become the person you REALLY are? It really is up to you, so stop blaming the outside World – because believe it or not everything you think and do is a reflection of whats going on inside of you.

I was lucky, I changed my World before I got to deep in the dirt… But even if you find yourself buried miles down in the system – you can make the choice today to take tiny steps UP. How can you weed out the excess? Where else can you see yourself, happy and free?

I see myself, Joseph, and our two fur kids on a journey towards property… Our own little piece of heaven – where we plan to build a life together. A simple life – but a life full of abundance. Lots of land and a tiny home may not be everyones dream, but its ours… And the more we turn our thoughts, our actions, and our lives towards it – the quicker it becomes a reality!

Choose to take your life back – and see how much love begins flowing in and out of your heart 🙂

❤ Tasha ❤


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