The Time Is NOW! Will You Join The Movement?

It all seems so surreal. Less than a year ago I was stuck in the daily grind, waiting tables just to pay the bills and spending way to much time distracting myself with substances, people, and mindless activities. I did however make a little time here and there to begin exploring my creative side by making soaps, hooping, painting, and gardening. I contribute this to living with some very creative souls, whom I thank for inspiring me to explore a side I didn’t think I had.

As I traveled through the newly discovered right side of my brain, new neuron pathways began to fire and spark a magical journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. I quickly found out that I wasn’t ever going to be the 9-5er and that the universe had something more extravagant and exciting planned.

This exploration of the unknown has created more abundance, love, and happiness within my life than I ever thought possible. Money, power, and working for the man would have never created happiness and fulfillment in my life like it does for many. As I seek out more answers from the universe, it continues to surprise me at every twist and turn. Within the past year my World views have changed drastically, mostly because I have also done a 360 inside myself. I’ve moved away from the poisons of society, spending each day working towards better health, a more sustainable future, and a life lived in harmony with the Earth.

Just a year ago I didn’t think my life would be going in the direction it is now, but the universe has a plan. I met am amazing man who has the same goals and ambitions as me, and together we will create a life in harmony with the Earth. In order to change the future of our species – we have to begin somewhere.

In a little less than a month, Joseph and I will be posting his house for sale and moving full-time together into the RV. Automatically downsizing from his big house in the suburbs and into the motorhome, lessening our impact on the environment. Not only that, but cutting our expenses down to the bare minimals. Next, our plan is to find a piece of land and build a completely self-sustainable tiny house homestead. We are researching different methods of solar, wind, and water power which we plan to incorporate into our next house; along with growing all our own food. They are big plans, but we are ready. Baby steps, faith and trust in the universe will eventually get us where we need to be.

We are also working on being creators, not consumers – because consumerism will do exactly that… CONSUME your time, money, and your life. Look inside yourself, are you happy? Do you care about the Earth? Or are you drowning in a pile of work and misery, polluting your body and the planet at the same time? Do you even know what you enjoy doing anymore?

I am beyond thrilled for all the trials and tribulations of the future and all the exciting adventures that are about to begin. Please follow our blog and look deep inside yourself, are you happy? Do you want to live your life as a robot or take control of it? It all starts with YOU.

With Love and Light,

Tasha ❤




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