Poem: Of Imagination <3

I’m venturing on this journey called life,

don’t know which way to go,

and I’m not sure whats right.

Write between the lines,

and perceive the unknown,

look for what lies beneath,

and the truth shall be shown.

Seen as an image,

a colorful ray of light,

a mind altering substance,

that can be so hard to define.

The definition of a life worth living,

can seep between the cracks,

a journey without some bumps or bruises,

gives you no reason to look back.

Back and to the future,

and to whatever tomorrow shall bring,

a million voices echo to you,

and your ears begin to ring.

Ring the bell,

and class is in session,

from the very day your born,

life ain’t nothin’ but a lesson.

A true test of survival,

for your mind, body, and soul,

whoever knew such a sort life,

could take such a toll.

A toll on yourself,

and the World around you,

for we only have so long,

let happiness surround you.

Your journey is one of passion,

let it pulse through your veins,

while dreams keep it flowing,

into a never ending seam.

Of imagination,

when no matter what you choose,

nothing really matters,

we’ve got nothin’ to loose.

— Tasha ❤

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