Happy Holidays – Or Bust?

When you’re a kid – the holidays are a time of mystery, magic, and anticipation. Your imagination runs wild with thoughts of Santa, the North Pole, and all the elves preparing gifts for the children around the World. You prepared your letter to Santa and hoped it was perfect – because you were unsure if you were on the naughty or nice list that year. Cookies and milk were a MUST, obviously, you didn’t want to be the kid who disappointed Santa!

Then in a blink of an eye – the magic of Christmas is gone. You get to an age where you start to question if “magic” is real and suddenly you find the gifts from “Santa” hidden under your baby sisters cradle, realizing it has been a lie this whole time. Although it seems wrong for parents around the world to tell a little white lie about Santa and his magic – its for the greater good.

How you ask?

Because at some point we realize Santa isn’t a person, its a FEELING. A feeling of joy, wonder, and magic. The feeling you get by giving someone a gift and seeing them smile, or getting together for a nice family dinner on Christmas Eve. That’s the meaning of Christmas. Feelings of LOVE and HAPPINESS and GRATITUDE for our life and the people who surround us.

So if this is the TRUE meaning, THEN WHY…

Has it turned into something materialistic?!?! As soon as Thanksgiving is over – here’s Black Friday!!! Society suddenly throws a major curve ball in your direction. You thought your life was hectic?? Think again! Now it’s EXTRA crazy because theres an incredible amount of shopping to do – you have to make sure to get presents for everyone AND their mom. Most of the time people spend more money than they can actually afford; when in reality people usually appreciate handmade gifts more than store bought ones because they were created with love.

Along with spending butt loads of money, you have to make sure all your decorations are put up so it looks like you have Holiday spirit, all in the name of Christmas. Is this really what Christmas is about? It seems so hectic and not as enjoyable as it should be.

Many of us have lost track of the REAL Christmas spirit.

Real Christmas spirit consists of thoughtful gifts, store bought or handmade, that come from your heart; not to impress someone or buy their affection. Real Christmas gifts contain love and the act of giving shows gratitude for the important people in your lives. Doesn’t it feel good to give to others? Especially when the gift is thoughtful and didn’t cost you a million and a half dollars?

Why have the holidays become more stress-filled than heart-warming? If people spent a little less time running around spending tons of money and more time visiting family and friends they might actually enjoy the holidays a little more. If people spent more time making gifts instead of buying them – their hearts might be a little more full… Full of love that is.

We need to take a step back and remember what Christmas and other holidays are truly about. We need to approach each day with love and gratitude, even in the midst of all the chaos.

Let’s take time this holiday season to express our love and be grateful for EVERYONE we have in our lives, not EVERYTHING we have. Let’s spread the feelings of joy and peace, even in a World that seems to be slowly falling apart.

The feeling starts with you. What will you spread today?

Happy Holidays Everyone and Namaste

~ Tasha ❤


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