A Country Full Of Control – Can We Let It Go?

From the moment we are born our lives are controlled in more ways than one. Speaking specifically for Americans, control is woven into every aspect of our lives. From the second our polluted air enters our lungs as a baby – we are stamped with a social security number and given a name – defining who we are before we even have a chance to figure that out.

Although the modern world has given us many opportunities to capitalize on our intelligence and life as a species here on Earth; money, power and greed has taken precedence over what’s actually important. Controlling one another with money, rules, societal norms and religion is not what we are here to do!

No wonder so many of us are fu**ed up. We were born into a life where earning your next dollar and fitting in are more important than love for each other and real happiness. As children we are practically forced into schools that hardly teach us what we need to know, influenced by the media and society spending countless hours “forming” ourselves into someone we aren’t so that we feel like we have a fighting chance to be “normal.”

A reoccurring theme in my life is that we have gotten so far from our roots that we have forgotten what really matters and why we were given the chance at life. We are beings of light, created with undying love and forgiveness; constantly on a pursuit of happiness. We were not created originally to be stamped with a label, a slave to this thing called money, with the pursuit to own as many things as possible – including each other.

Where has the love gone? Why did we stop creating and begin simply consuming? Because evil is real and unknowingly society as adapted it as the norm.

Why is war generally accepted and presented as normal? Why is it ok for the government and “law enforcement” to tell others what they can and cannot do? We live in a nation created BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE… Pshhh, YEAH RIGHT. As soon as you put someone or a group of people “in charge” – the sooner the whole country goes to sh**.

Control, money, power… Has done nothing but increase the feelings of separation. Although more and more people are realizing everything is ONE – we still continue to operate under the impression that we are all separate from each other. Reality check people!! Just because your heart beats differently from your neighbors and the tree in your front yard doesn’t speak to you, doesn’t mean you aren’t connected.

Everyone needs to take a step back and realize control isn’t doing anything but hurting ourselves, others, and the World around us. When we realize we have NO control over each other or Mother Earth and everything she provides for us – THEN, only then, will we have a “fighting” chance.

We need to spend more time working on ourselves then we need to spend “fixing” other people or the World. As we grow within the actual truth begins to show itself. When we figure out what’s inside us, we figure out others at the same time.

I’ve been very fortunate to start this journey myself; spending time everyday learning more about my path and why I was given a chance to live this life. I can truly say that although I began this journey myself, I couldn’t have done it without others. I am eternally thankful for everyone who has helped me along my path of enlightenment and hope to do the same for others.

I’ve quickly learned that money and power will not bring true happiness and that how I approach each day has a positive or negative affect on myself and the world around me.

Life is a journey, and not only a physical one. At the end of the day life is a physical, spiritual, and mental journey. You have to nurture all of these aspects in order to feel “normal” and whole. What IS normal anyway? That’s up to you to determine, because although we are all one, we all have our own unique path.

In the World we live today we need to look PAST all the bullshit and corruption and connect with our roots. In doing so we will undoubtedly connect with each other and the natural World around us more than every before. Human beings are born with free will for a reason. Only YOU can choose what you do with it. Open your mind, open your eyes – and you open a door of endless possibilities.

What will you choose? A life controlled by others or will you give yourself a chance to actually know who YOU are, versus who you are told to be?

I choose life, I choose love, I choose MY path – as uncertain as it may be. I choose uncertainty over conformity and the chance to be something no one else can be – and that’s ME.





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