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Where do happiness and love fit in?

Eat, sleep, work, repeat.
Eat, sleep, work, repeat.

Now more than ever, people are working to live, instead of living to work. Sound the same to you? Let me explain.

In general, our society has come to value THINGS over EXPERIENCES. People spend their whole lives working to make money so that they can have newer, bigger, nicer things. Now – like I said, I’m generalizing a little bit, but mainly to get a point across.

Because of societal pressures, people are in constant need for the newest car, the biggest house, the nicest clothes, etc; spending hours of their lives working. And what’s even more unfortunate is that they spend this time in misery, doing a job they don’t even enjoy to obtain cash for their expensive and extravagant lifestyles.

Happiness CAN be found in a dollar bill, it CAN be found in things… But your always left searching for something even better.. Something more expensive and flashy. People do this because although money can buy things, which in turn can make someone happy… It’s only for a short period of time. Many people spend their whole lives chasing this “materialistic lifestyle” only to be left sad and in debt at the end… Confused about WHY they aren’t happy and WHAT they did wrong.

That’s because true happiness can’t be bought with a dollar bill. It doesn’t have a $30,000 price tag or a V8 engine; it doesn’t come in the form of 3,000 SQ Ft or in things to fill the empty space.

TRUE happiness comes in other forms. First and foremost, it comes from within. It comes when you fill your day with things you are passionate about. Take a step back and look at your life – are you doing what you are actually passionate about? Do you even know what you are passionate about anymore?

People on the path of enlightenment eventually find out the rat race isn’t what they want. So what is it that they do want? It’s simple, they want happiness. They want to experience the simple joys in life; instead of filling it with pointless objects. They want to spend more time with the people they love, creating memorable experiences along the way.

They want to do work that they love and can put their heart and soul into; no matter what amount of money it brings in. They want to live comfortably, but not extravagantly. Without all these expensive things; they have more money to do fun things with or donate to charity and help people around the World.

See… All these “things” are just a distraction from what REALLY matters. Society makes it seem like money and power and materialistic bullsh** are most important. Well reality check, when your dead… How important are all these expensive things? Not as important as the people you loved, the experiences you had, and the feeling of peace you hopefully take with you as you pass.

Do you really want to spend your days working to death? Its no lie, money is unfortunately what makes the “World go around” and a necessity; but do we really need millions of dollars and millions of things? NO!

We need love. We need happiness. We need experiences. We need each other.

And all this money and power crap is pushing ALL of these things out of our lives. Now, I’m not saying go into work tomorrow and quit; that’s clearly not realistic… But if this somehow touches you inside, then maybe its time for a change.

Change starts small… Stop spending 5 dollars a day on a Starbucks coffee and make some organic coffee at home… Incorporate some “YOU” time into your days, such as yoga, reading, painting, writing, dancing; something to get your creative juices flowing. Don’t think you have time??? CREATE TIME. Stop watching so much mind numbing TV and stretch! Breathe! TRULY RELAX! Go for a walk, listen to the birds, feel the sun on your face… All of these things are small steps that could bring a little more happiness into your day.

The next steps? Well, that’s up to you. What THINGS in your life could you live without? You’d be surprised I bet.

Take the material out of life, get back to the basics, and you are on your way to finding more happiness and joy in each and every day.