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When You Follow Your Path… Magic Happens!

These past 4+ years have been a real shell shocking experience for me. I’ve learned so much about myself, life, and the purpose of our existence that I feel the need to share it with whom ever is willing to read it 🙂 We are only here for a brief moment in time, so why spend that time doing anything other than what you were born to do?

Although human beings and the natural world are all “one” – we were all put here on this planet for different reasons. The hardest part it seems is finding this purpose, especially in a world so distracted by money, power, false religion, technology, and modern day slavery. Most of us have gotten so far from our roots that we have no idea WHO WE ACTUALLY ARE – We only know WHO WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. Don’t think there’s a difference? Yeah, I didn’t either.

As I was growing up it was instilled in me that I was supposed to go to school, get good grades, go to college, and get a career afterwards and make lots of money. I was lucky and had a great childhood – I grew up before phones where the norm and kids still played in the dirt for hours. I am lucky I got to experience this – because in the World now a days many kids will never get too. As soon as I got into my teenage years I realized I wanted to grow up (which is a mistake that we all make) and from there on out I was set on fulfilling the goals that had been laid before me. Did I know who I was? No… Was I looking for me? No… I was simply following the instructions I was given, hoping for a happy adult life in the end. That’s the mistake a lot of us make – following the goals and dreams of others; whether its our parents, friends, or someone else we idolize. I wish schools taught kids how to look inside themselves and see what makes them happy; instead of dumbing us down and training kids to become modern day slaves.

When I look back now I understand why I was who I was. Confused, emotional, irrational, upset, frustrated, driven but driving the wrong way… Its because I wasn’t following MY DREAMS, MY PASSIONS…. The things in life that offer true happiness. The path that the Great Spirit wants me to walk – in order to find my purpose in this vast and ever expanding universe. Why is the World so focused on a stupid piece of paper? Why are bigger houses and nicer cars priority over nutritious food, land to live on, and an overall sense of wellbeing? The people of the World need to start TODAY – they need to say F**K the system and take their blinders off. Who are YOU and what do you want to do with your life?

As I followed down this path I thought was my journey, I kept hitting major road blocks. I changed my degree multiple times, I joined multi-level marketing companies hoping to get rich quick, I distracted myself with partying and friends and an identity that when I look back, didn’t make any sense. I was on a path that wasn’t mine, and it took me a long time to take a step back and think – AM I REALLY HAPPY?

But I did, and you should too! Are you truly, deep down inside… Happy from your heart? Or are you living a life that you were told would make you happy? The answer is not easy.

When I turned 21-22, I was finally able to take that step back. I was able to look at myself and see that what I was doing was not what I was meant for in this life. As I looked inward at myself – my life, my thoughts, my emotions, my influences… I realized I really didn’t know who “Tasha” was… I knew who she was “supposed” to be.

This is when the natural world caught my attention… Finally right? I dove head first into yoga, proper nutrition, self awareness, and thinking outside the box. I realized how corrupt our society is and I made an agreement with myself that I would find me, in a world so set on distracting us. I stopped watching television almost completely, because it’s mind numbing and sends so many wrong messages. I started reading more books and thinking logically, questioning everything around me and wondering why so many of us were so quick to believe what we were told. I was amazed at the amount of information around me… I just needed to look! I also needed to learn to read between the lines – because there’s a plethora of wrong info available.

As I journeyed down this path, I started to notice changes in myself. I was easier for people to talk to, I approached life with a smile and sent positivity everywhere I went. As I did so – I started meeting like minded people. I can honestly say that all of my best friends today wouldn’t of liked who I was 4 years ago. I thank the universe for bringing all of my amazing friends into my life – because things wouldn’t be the same without them. On the other hand, I think the universe for guiding me where I am today, because without it I would be a lost and lonely soul – on a path of ultimate destruction rather than on my path of enlightenment.

Today I can say I know more about myself, about life, and the force that keeps us moving forward then ever before. Will I ever fully know myself? No.. I believe that’s a life long journey. We are always changing and finding new things to explore, that’s one of the beautiful parts of life. Will I ever know everything there is to know about life? No… Am I supposed to? Nah… But I can learn new things everyday and work to make the World a better place – one word of inspiration at a time.

With only one life to live (that we know about) – why not make the most out of it? Why not follow YOUR PATH instead of the path you are TOLD to follow?

Who are you and what are YOUR DREAMS? Anything is possible… The sky is the limit! So go do it!

– Tasha ❤