A Moment In Time – A Memory Forever

There’s not a day that goes by that my heart and soul doesn’t crave to be out in nature. Summer is the perfect time for camping, hiking, biking, slack lining, picnics, and anything else where the sun warms your face and fresh air can invade your lungs.

Buckhorn is about 45 minutes out of Fort Collins; just far enough to be out of town but close enough to be convenient. I went up with some of my hippie buddies and they shared their longtime camping spot with me. I feel so blessed to have experienced it – they have found a little slice of Heaven up in the hills. You have to have a 4×4 to get up there and its seductively secluded. It’s obvious that not many people make it up that direction.

Another beautiful part of the puzzle is the campsite is right next to a quartz quarry; I was in hippie heaven haha. I spent lots of time looking at all the rocks and minerals; it was extremely grounding and made it easy to get lost and enjoy the moment. Getting away from the city and all the noise and insanity makes it easier to enjoy the simple things and stay present. I believe everyone should take some time out of their month, week, or even day to spend outside enjoying the little things in life. You’d be surprised how much happiness and joy it can bring you.

I had such an amazing time with all the free spirits around me. We had an awesome fire, made some good camping food and spent time jamming on drums and dancing around the fire. I really enjoyed drumming and am actually thinking about getting one myself. Its very therapeutic, a way to express yourself, and in a way a type of meditation. Again – another way to enjoy the present moment.

I am so thankful for the people I have in my life. I am so thankful for the experiences we have all shared together… And can’t wait to create more!

Namaste ❤


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