Spiritual Guidance <3

I can finally say, as of today, that I am 99.8% moved into my new home. I’ve had to do it in bits and pieces with work and other things going on – but its complete! I took my first shower in the RV yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by how nice the water pressure was and how much room I had in the shower. Heck I think there’s even room for some leg shaving 😉 which is very much needed at this moment. I am happy to say that I am truly comfortable and at peace in my little mobile apartment.

Overall today was very productive. I spent sometime volunteering at the Shire CSA and planted some carrots and beets. There’s just something about the sun on your back, the sweat on your forehead, and the dirt on your hands. Planting something that is nutritious and supports life – Mmmm feels so good. Getting involved in the garden makes me feel better about not having my own this year and it connects me with like minded people – which I crave deep down inside. Getting down and dirty in the dirt allows me to connect to my roots, maybe even past lives – where eating and living were more involved with the Earth Mother.

I am in a Meetup group that is geared towards connecting to nature and the spiritual world. I went to a meeting they had tonight focused on indigenous ceremonies – healing and spiritual… It was very refreshing. I was by far the youngest person there, but I still felt comfortable. Jim Greywolf Petruzzi lead the meeting and we talked about healing circles and the different ways they are used and how. While sitting there I could definitely tell Jim and his wife Sue where connected with their spiritual selves, which I seek to find more of. We eventually went into a ceremony, Sue played the drums and sung beautiful native songs, almost sending me into a meditative-like state. Jim told us to get out of our heads and find our hearts. I tried really hard and found my heart a few times – but wasn’t truly able to stay there the whole time; which he also said is fine and completely normal. I found myself on the East side of the healing circle, where new beginnings and ideas are being formed. I felt most connected with the energies there and it definitely lets me know I am right where I am supposed to be in life.

Sometimes things or people leave your life so you can refocus… Regain the energy and excitement you had before it/they arrived. Its very easy for me to find happiness through other people, but am slowly on the path to finding happiness genuinely through me… And that’s a big step in life. If you love something, let it go. Let it go and find yourself, and who knows what will find you next. BRING IT ON LIFE, BRING IT ON.

With love and light,

– Tasha Hannah


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