First Night In My New Home :)

My little apartment on wheels – I really do love it. Its simple – but spacious and has more storage than I thought, which makes moving into it pretty easy. I am doing quite a bit of downsizing, but that is what I wanted. I crave simple, light, and the ability to get up and go. I’ve found my calling – its time to get out on the road!

There have been some complications with where my “home-base” will be – so hopefully I can figure that out soon. Other than that I am ready to start planning my first adventure. I spent the night with Buddy (my dog) in the RV for the first time Thursday night. I was surprised how relaxing and peaceful it was. Buddy slept calmly beside me the whole night and kept me company. I went to sleep with the crickets chirping outside and the breeze flowing through the cabin. The RV is parked right next to a school currently, so I woke up to children laughing, birds chirping, and many kisses from my amazing pup 🙂 … Its been a good feeling creating my own space again. I love everyone I’ve lived with in the past but truly need my own little slice of heaven.

*Sighs with relief* This is only the beginning. Now to figure out home base and plan the first adventure. Thanks for reading ❤


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