I’m In A Glass Case Of Emotion

Seeing my new home outside is so surreal to me. I told myself I would make it happen, and I did… But it still seems like a dream. I was so focused on the process of getting the RV that I didn’t really think about how it would feel to have it come true. I’ve started loading some stuff into it and I am excited but nervous as well – because I have no idea where this journey will take me. I have dreams of long open roads with fields of green grass for miles, peaceful campsites next to the river, and the many beautiful souls I hope to encounter along the way.

As I travel I plan on writing a book about my experiences. I am also very interested in sustainability and meeting people who are doing different things around the country to live a less complicated life, as well as more environmentally friendly. My travels and learning experiences will be included in this book as well, and I believe its a beautiful way to learn versus simply reading and researching online.

Its not going to be easy; I am going to be working my butt off to save money so I can travel – but its going to be worth it… Our lives are gone in a blink of an eye – and I’ve wasted enough time contemplating what my purpose is and I am ready to get up, get out, and find it. I know some of my values, passions, dreams, and hopes for the future; but am also ready to live more in the NOW; experience today and let tomorrow follow.

Just thought I would share some of my rambling thoughts 🙂 My stomach is filled with butterflies and bees; because I am super happy but nervous as ever too.

Cheers world.


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