Our Mission

Hi! My name is Tasha and I was put on this Earth to spread happiness, love and spirituality – in as many ways as possible. This years focus has become less about my own life and more about the Earth and protecting our valuable resources. The way we are operating right now as a society is no longer working and new ways of living in harmony with the Earth will have to be adopted to preserve it for future generations.

As a board member of Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother non-profit – I have started this blog to inform anyone whose willing to read it. This valuable information is being presented with hopes that you will be inspired to help us protect our invaluable water. Let us protect our fresh water from ultimate destruction.  Peaceful protests are happening all over the country; will you join the war? Is ignorance really bliss if all of our food and water are gone? It’s time we step up as a people… One people, one color, ONE blood… We are all brothers and sisters and its time we stand up against the evil in this World – one oil pipeline at a time. This is only the beginning.

Mni Waconi – Water is Life. The attack on our water is not an American problem – it is a Global problem. This goes far beyond Standing Rock which became more clear after Sanctuaries visited North Dakota. We felt strongly that this effort could not just be Standing Rock. We asked the Great Spirit for guidance and we were shown where our energy is now needed. Sanctuaries continues their support for Standing Rock in as many ways as possible even as we begin to move forward. A portion of our donations here at SOTEM go straight to Standing Rock. In fact, since mainstream media ignored Standing Rock we were able to bring a new light on the protest and started We Are The Media – where people everyday are stepping up to BE the media for Standing Rock and beyond.

We started to see what we needed to do: cut the head off of the black snake and stop the greedy oil companies from destroying our planet. As one blood, its time to come together in a much better way. The Facebook group Standing Rock Protectors, that we began, is now 130,000 strong and growing. We have expanded beyond Standing Rock to a Water is Life Movement. This is the way forward. That and direct action. Direct, peaceful action. This IS a peaceful revolution and that is a critical element of what we do going forward. Water is Life is NOT a protest – it is a Movement!

What is the black snake? It comes from a very old Native American prophecy that the time will come when a huge black snake attacks the land and the people and the head must be cut off that snake to allow positive, healthy human growth. Many elders say this is the black oil pipelines now assaulting our land and water everywhere. What is important to note is that this snake has many heads and all must be cut off. Each time a new pipeline is foisted on people another head appears. To destroy this black snake we must leave fossil fuels behind now and develop the renewable energy forms now available – and in use elsewhere.

There are efforts all over this planet similar to Standing Rock. The effort in Iowa, which is the other piece to the same snake that attacks Standing Rock, and where people are being arrested. And Florida where we now have a good friend who is leading efforts with a huge pipeline coming from Georgia and down through Florida. And Apache Flats, Flint, Michigan, Navajo land, Big Bend in Texas, Pennsylvania, Utah and on and on. Beyond the U.S. there are other parts of the World: Switzerland, France, Australia, New Zealand and once again I could go on an on. Great Britain! These black snakes are everywhere. If we are truly going to win this war – and make no mistake this is a war – a war on the Earth and Her people… If we are going to win it we have got to come together. Water is Life is not a string of protests – it is a Movement! And must be for us to win.

Forget all the things that divide us. We have got to be one and I don’t care if you are white, red, black or yellow. I don’t care if you are male or female: big or small. I don’t care if you are in the United States or Australia or the moon for that matter, we have got to take this on jointly. And so we have started connecting the Protector/ Protest groups. We started another Facebook group, fossil fuel follies, which is a group for groups. A place we unite and begin to speak with one voice. And we will be doing much more with that.

Even as we do more educating about Standing Rock and continue supporting them because they have begun this, we honor those protectors by carrying their banner to our backyards. What is important is that the relatives at Standing Rock are speaking out and taking peaceful action. We’re doing all we can to make them successful. But regardless of outcomes this war has to continue. We must continue to speak out and act.

This is already a historic event and will become one of the defining movements of our time – perhaps any time. It is not only about leaving a livable planet for those who follow, but it is truly about our own, current survival. The continued use of fossil fuels forced on us by the greedy extractors has not only threatened our water – and our land and air – but is creating catastrophic climate changes.
We invite all thinking, caring, concerned people to join us on Facebook at
Water Is Life: The Movement… And in the streets and fields of your community.

There is HOPE.

There is LOVE.

There is UNITY.


And its all around us;

Its name is NATURE.

Saving Nature means Saving OURSELVES.

Please follow my blog and join in on this magical journey called LIFE 🙂

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